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Exciting Beauty and Fashion Social Experience App Dazzl
Announces Launch for iOS Devices

The beauty product and fashion scene has a thriving, vibrant, growing community. Unfortunately, it's often spread out on platforms not geared towards discussing these hot topics. The new iOS app Dazzl makes connecting socially with people who share these passions, simple, quick, informative and fun.

October 6, 2017

One thing most fashion and beauty product enthusiasts share is a love to learn more about the latest releases from honest, credible sources. In exciting news in this area the new iOS app Dazzl has recently announced their launch, answering the call for a social experience app focused exclusively on the beauty and fashion product world. Users have access to a search engine with peer reviews of the latest, in-demand products, and can also share their own experiences adding to the value Dazzl delivers, while having a great time in the process.

“We saw a real need for Dazzl since many girls understandably don't want to share too many beauty and fashion posts on their normal social media accounts, where there's plenty of people – like guys – who find the posts boring,” commented Sean Lin, Developer of the app. “By building a community around Dazzl everyone wins. Users can tap into the experience of other girls sharing their reviews and also have a chance of becoming an authority on the subject themselves through their own posts to the app. Even the quality brands benefit by getting honest, real world feedback about their products.”

Dazzl's beauty and fashion search engine can be accessed by users with a bar code scan, through searching a product name or exploring relevant hashtags or keywords. Posting a review is also simple and easy, with users having the chance to “like” posts, leave their own comments and follow Dazzlers who they find deliver perspectives they appreciate. Collections of favorite products can also be posted to add even more to the Dazzl community experience, giving other girls plenty of ideas about what new products could be worth checking out.

Early reviews for the iOS app have been very enthusiastic.

Christine S., from Boston, recently said, “I've never liked posting too much about beauty products on Facebook and Instagram, since only some of my friends share these interests. Dazzl is the perfect solution! Now I can write reviews and comment as much as I want to, get my daily updates on the Dazzl feed and tap into other girl's reviews before I buy something new. Five stars and fully recommended.”

For more information on Dazzl be sure to visit Or search the Apple App Store for Dazzl Beauty & Fashion.

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